[svlug] Dapper Drake (was: looking for entrepreneurs in the bayarea)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jun 2 17:09:45 PDT 2006

Quoting bruce (bedouglas at earthlink.net):

> now i understand whay london/england is 2nd rate...

Actually, I used to live within about a half-mile of Sanatan Rai's 
address, in the borough of Southwark, London -- and can say that I've
seldom, maybe never, lived in a more pleasant, cosmopolitan place in all
my life.  (Drop me off to find a restaurant near the Elephant & Castle
any time; I'll be happy.)

Sanatan, please be reassured that not all of us in Silicon Valley are

Meanwhile, wrenching discussion back on-topic:  Ubuntu Linux "Dapper
Drake" v. 6.06 was released yesterday, exactly on schedule -- and they 
keep being impresive in more areas all the the time.  This time, there
are five "flavours" (editions, what-have-you) of disk images, each
released in fully supported form for i386, AMD64, and PowerPC:

Ubuntu - GNOME desktop by default
Kubuntu - KDE desktop by default
Xubuntu - Xfce desktop by default
Edubuntu - kids'/educational packages
Ubuntu Server (self-explanatory)

There's a la carte paid technical support contracts, and a support
lifetime of five years for the server release, three years for the
desktop variants.

For each of the three CPU platforms, there is (as before) two
alternative CD images as a starting point, except things are now a bit

Before, there was a live CD, usable _only_ as a live CD (no installation
option), and an install CD.  That's now gone.

Now, you have the "Desktop CD" for most purposes.  It fires up in
live-CD mode, and you then have the _option_ of running a slick,
no-brainer GUI installer program from it.  There is also the "Alternate
CD", which boot up into the traditional Ubuntu text-based installation /
upgrade program, borrowed from Debian.

My understanding is that you need the "Alternate CD" if you want to use
a Dapper Drake CD to upgrade your existing Ubuntu installation; that the
"Desktop CD" can't handle that.  (Alternatively, existing installations 
can be upgraded without CDs just through Internet package fetches.)
Experience suggests that the older, text-mode installer's probably a bit
more robust and flexible (albeit less flashy and novice-friendly).

I'm going to be testing out both CDs on a PowerPC laptop, this weekend.

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