[svlug] SPAM:looking for entrepreneurs in the bayarea...Robotgenerated??

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 2 14:48:16 PDT 2006

now i understand whay london/england is 2nd rate...

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> santan...
> you're an idiot....
> so does this look like spam...
> if you wish, i could post this to the overall list...!!!
> you really shouldn't take what someone else posts as gospel...
> -bruce

  There you go: I made the original posting to the list. So I am
posting your reply without asking you first.

   You seem rather touchy about being called a robot, so: sorry that I
said you are a robot. I didn't realise that you were a fully-human,
quite sentient, spammer. [Thanks to your bad temper, now I am as

Sanatan Rai
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