[svlug] looking for entrepreneurs in the bay area...

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 2 08:26:32 PDT 2006


has anyone found (or have knowledge) of groups/sites/lists of
people/friends/etc..!! who are looking to start a company. as an example, i
have serious skills in the area of software (former developer),
project/product manager (msee/mba) and i'm willing to work with an existing
group for free in order to get the function up/running if a group had a
reasonable idea. howevre, i have no idea as to where to go to find these
kinds of groups..

i'm also part of a small team, and we're looking to find people/join others,

so the issue is how does one run into other like minded people who are
ready/willing to put the time into an operation outside their regular job,
keeping in mind that the initial buildout phase is almost never revenue


bedouglas at earthlink.net

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