[svlug] ISSUE: SVLUG's continued status with SBAY

Jennifer Davis sigje at sigje.org
Fri Feb 24 23:32:36 PST 2006

> Well, it would be nice if someone from SBAY would provide explicit
> information to the members of SVLUG about the status of the corporation
> and about any liability shield that may exist. This is likely the only
> issue of any significance (my opinion; It's OK if you disagree.) in this
> discussion.

I'm not from SBAY.. but I can give information about what I understand 
from my experience in looking into this.  Incorporating does not in fact 
shield the Board from any lawsuits that could be brought up against the 
individual Board members.  Insurance doesn't provide this shield either. 
What it does is in a limited number of cases, it can provide a shield in 
those cases where the Board member acted in a manner that his/her duties 
dictated.  Insurance is not a holy mecca of protection.  The value of 
obtaining it will depend on the actual groups needs.  One thing that 
people _should_ look into is the state of insurance for any particular 
event that you hold.  This year I'll be finding out what insurance for the 
Linux Picnic will cost as we didn't even consider it last year (And I'm 
not sure if it's ever been considered.)  I'd hate to think what could 
happen if an accident were to occur at the event.. would the individual 
organizations/volunteers/sponsors be responsibile?  Best to just get 

> My view of leadership -- is that you always find ways to work together and
> avoid conflict whenever that path is viable. Leadership is doing everything
> in your power to maintain good harmony within a group -- as long as a viable
> path to that end presents itself. The maintenance of goodwill and enthusiasm
> and the social fabric of the group ought to be a very high priority to good
> leadership.

Agreed.  You have to put your personal choices aside a lot of the time, 
and work to unite the group.  I'd go further to state.. leadership isn't 
so much about being a guiding beacon within the organization.. it's about 
inspiring others to step up and be heroes.  I am still working on learning 
how to do that.  Organizations will come and go.. and any particular 
individual is just a line in the history of that organization.

Excellent thoughts in the rest of your email Karen.

Many thanks to everyone who volunteers and makes a difference.  You could 
be doing so many other things with your time.  You have taken that 
initiative and shared your time with and for others.  That doesn't give 
anyone the right to be an @ss though.. so before saying something you know 
could be taken as inflammatory.. recognize that and ask yourself whether 
you really want to inflict that on everyone.  If you really want to start 
some kind of flame war.. do it in private.  Really.  We all don't need to 
see personality conflicts.

We haven't done any of it yet since BaySUG.. but I'd really like to get 
the leaders of the various groups in the Bay area together to talk about 
leadership, and common goals and all the rest of it.  It would seem that 
having face to face meetings once a month, and talking about some of the 
problems we are facing would be of benefit.. as well as knowledge sharing.


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