[svlug] ISSUE: SVLUG's continued status with SBAY

Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Thu Feb 23 09:54:00 PST 2006

On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 09:55:21AM -0800, Bill Ward wrote:
> which is an appointed position by the president of sbay.org.  Ian has
> graciously allowed SVLUG to choose its presidents for the past three and a
> half years, and granted them SIG Coordinator status, to preserve continuity

Now, I can't quite remember if SVLUG was part of SBAY during the previous
election (the last one when I served), but I do remember that at the time,
when Ian made the offer to take over as a parent organization, as the
previous one was pretty much dead and insurance-less, I figured that it
would be a good idea, especially since I was known to throw door prices at
the audience :)

> Where were you when the sbay.org bylaws were being written and voted on?

I think most of us would rather spend our time on linux or other more fun
I was personally totally uninvolved in all this due to complete lack of
interest in what I saw as unfortunate but necessary american red tape for
having a hobbyist group where some idiot can't sue you for all your money
(welcome to America, the land of lawyers and suing idiots)

> Also, SVLUG has never been independent.  First it was a branch of Silicon
> Valley Computing Society, and then switched to being a branch of sbay.org.
> So it can't resume being independent if it never was.

Technically, that's not quite true.
SVCS was basically dead for quite a while before svlug want to sbay: the
SVCS web site was down, they lost their domain due to inability to answer
Email, or care to properly run it, and by the end, mails to svcs members
often went unanswered.
Effectively, SVLUG has been mostly independent for about as long as I was a
contributing member (7 years), and half way through that, most people didn't
even know that we had a parent in SVCS due to them being virtually
non existent and uninvolved in SVLUG (which SVLUG didn't have a problem with)

Not that my voice should matter much at this point since I'm neither P or VP
today, but my main intent when I gave Ian a verbal approval to look at
regrafting SVLUG under SBAY was the insurance issue.
For the rest, I didn't care much about group rules, bylaws or anything of
that sort. For that matter, I explicitly do not like them and find them
unnecessary in what should be a friendly group focussed on linux.

What is happening now and exactly the kind of unnecessary use of time that
could be better spent on other things. 
It does make me regret my original agreement to the idea of having SVLUG
under SBAY, and I am saddened by bylaws that can potentially be used against
it and its members, especially if in return the insurance for the group,
which was the main reason for agreeing, doesn't exist.

I just hope that I won't later regret handing out svlug.org and svlug.net to
SBAY if this is used for bargaining or strongarm tactics, but fortunately I
very much doubt that it would come down to that considering the people
involved and the fact that we all first care about linux.

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