[svlug] ISSUE: SVLUG's continued status with SBAY

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Feb 22 08:50:32 PST 2006

Quoting Robert Hajime Lanning (lanning at lanning.cc):

> Actually the question is:
>  1) Do we want to piggyback on the work that SBAY is doing to be
>     a running legal corporation for whatever benefits corporate
>     status gives us?
>  2) Do we want to split and do all the incorporation work ourselves?
> or
>  3) Do we want to split and just be a group with a mailing list (no
>     incorporation?)
> If your answer is that there is no benifit for number 1, that would
> mean that there is no benifit for number 2.  Hence, number 3 is the
> only way to go.

I agree with your analysis, though I would call "split" mildly
prejudicial, and call it "resuming independence".  

As you know, I already pointed out to you, earlier, that #2 was a rather
blatant red herring on your part, as nobody had suggested a separate
SVLUG incorporation initiative -- nor any compelling reason for it.
Moreover, there are other nearby non-profit corporate entities much more
in line with SVLUG's nature and goals, notably LUGOD.

> Then also my question is, if we create a "SIG Charter", what harm is
> there in being part of SBAY?

_My_ question is, what actual _benefit_ is there -- given the lack of
tangible benefits from corporate-SIG affiliation, in the first place?  
(What, were we supposed to somehow not notice that absence, and get
distracted by this dance about "charters"?)

Moreover, I think it's a very bad precedent to remain part of a
corporation that has twice, in two different contexts on two different
occasions, threatened behind our backs to remove our elected leader.
And more recent events have proven that they're not even capable of
expressing regret over that! (Again, so much for leadership from _their_

Given that occurrence, I think we need _much_ better reasons than
inertia.  Is inertia your best (and only) justification, then?

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