[svlug] ISSUE: SVLUG's continued status with SBAY

Chris Verges (chverges) chverges at cisco.com
Fri Feb 17 15:48:27 PST 2006

Rick, you DID ask me to be brief.  :-)

>> (1) Support during a SIG crisis
> Could you be a few orders of magnitude more specific?  Seems to be

I believe Jennifer Davis said it best in her first e-mail in this
thread.  Please reference.

>> (2) Monetary support when SVLUG cannot raise funds on its own
> Imaginary:  SVLUG has only tiny expenses, which are taken care of by

This was one of Paul's initial points, that SVLUG needed money from SBAY
to pay offsetting costs for various things like server colo and food
costs.  I agree that SVLUG should be trying its hardest to pay for
things internally, but in the case where we cannot raise enough money
internally to handle it, that's where SBAY steps in and assists.

> > (3) Group insurance, paid for by SBAY
> Imaginary:  SBAY doesn't have insurance, and is probably right about
> now figuring out that it couldn't possibly afford it.

Neither you nor I are official representatives of SBAY.  All I know is
that SBAY needs to get insurance for SVWUX and Stratofox.  As such, they
will have to find a way to afford it if they cannot already.  I think
that it makes sense for SVLUG to enjoy this benefit too, since SVLUG
definitely cannot afford it solo.

>> (4) Offloading of repetitive tasks (like reregistering DNS)
> Imaginary.  Easily taken care of by the many people within SVLUG
> who are competent at DNS.  (SBAY in fact might want our help with

Again, I am not talking about managing the DNS servers and entries, I'm
talking about remembering to pay the renewal costs every
one/two/three/etc. years.  Yes, we could do it internally, but we could
also offload this to SBAY so that those same volunteers could be doing
other things that are more productive.

I would love to see an SVLUG team that offers DNS management to SBAY!  I
think that it would be a great example of cooperation and community

>> (5) Closer inclusion with other technical groups
> Imaginary.  We have whatever relations with other technical groups we

Has SVLUG ever officially worked with another technical group?  I know
that individual members have done so on a large number of occassions,
but I'm not aware of SVLUG as an organization joining with other
technical groups.  (This is an honest question, not trying to be
rhetorical.)  Examples would be greatly appreciated, btw!


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