[svlug] ISSUE: SVLUG's continued status with SBAY

David Masten dmasten at piratelabs.org
Fri Feb 17 00:19:33 PST 2006

On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 01:34 -0800, Rick Moen wrote:
> 2.  We've always been grateful to the non-profit corporations (Silicon
> Valley Computer Society, SBAY) that have generously sponsored us over
> the years, but we run our own affairs.  That's always been the case, and 
> no 501(c)(7) hobby/recreational corporate umbrella is going to change
> it.
> It's therefore plainly unacceptable for SBAY management to threaten
> removal of our elected president, especially behind our backs without
> consultation or advisement.  The fact that SBAY's bylaws provide SBAY
> with a theoretical mechanism for such removal is irrelevant to the
> point:  Our membership would not (I hope) allow such interference.

The threat that I saw in another email thread primarily between Paul and
Ian was part of an if...then statement, to wit: if Paul performed an
specific act which is clearly unethical and possibly unlawful and which
act Paul had clearly stated he intended to do, then Ian would invoke the
SBAY bylaws to remove the SIG coordinator. Further, Ian was very clear
that he did not want to do so. Fortunately, for whatever reason, Paul
dropped that course of action.

It is my hope that the SVLUG membership would act to remove their own
leadership had such actions occurred, before SBAY could do so. Moreover,
I believe Ian would consult with the board before taking any such
action. The board just happens to be entirely SVLUG members so I think
SVLUG still controls itself.

> It's interesting that, even now, SBAY management has made no substantive
> reply to Paul's revelation of that interference, except to paint it as
> "an attempt to use the rules available in the By-Laws to force a more
> open discussion process".

Perhaps it is because SBAY's leadership is bending over backwards to
keep this from getting uglier than it is becoming. The quote seems much
more diplomatic way of presenting the reality.

> We really aren't benefitting from SBAY, anyway, but the _main_ point
> is that we can't have them gratuitously interfering in our very most 
> central affairs and threatening to nullify our elections.  In my view,
> the only suitable response is "Goodbye and good luck."

The main benefit I see from SBAY for SVLUG is the ability to have a
bureaucratic, incorporated organizational structure while retaining the
informal nature of SVLUG. It isn't free, i.e. there are costs in making
the relationship work, but as recent SVLUG history shows, there are
potential gains to be had by being a part of an incorporated
organization. The biggest gain is in being able to be a much more
informal organization than its size indicates. Treasure that luxury.


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