[svlug] ISSUE: SVLUG's continued status with SBAY

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Feb 16 01:34:33 PST 2006

Quoting Thomas G. Digby (bubbles at well.com):

> Is there any compelling reason to not take such a "wait and see" approach? 


I say the following as a reversal of my position, after consistently
praising and encouraging SBAY affiliation, which I've always seen as 
benign and generous on their part (something that Heather and numerous
others can verify):

1.  A reminder:  SVLUG's membership elects its president and
vice-president (for two-year terms of office).  They're our guys.

2.  We've always been grateful to the non-profit corporations (Silicon
Valley Computer Society, SBAY) that have generously sponsored us over
the years, but we run our own affairs.  That's always been the case, and 
no 501(c)(7) hobby/recreational corporate umbrella is going to change

It's therefore plainly unacceptable for SBAY management to threaten
removal of our elected president, especially behind our backs without
consultation or advisement.  The fact that SBAY's bylaws provide SBAY
with a theoretical mechanism for such removal is irrelevant to the
point:  Our membership would not (I hope) allow such interference.

It's interesting that, even now, SBAY management has made no substantive
reply to Paul's revelation of that interference, except to paint it as
"an attempt to use the rules available in the By-Laws to force a more
open discussion process".

We really aren't benefitting from SBAY, anyway, but the _main_ point
is that we can't have them gratuitously interfering in our very most 
central affairs and threatening to nullify our elections.  In my view,
the only suitable response is "Goodbye and good luck."

This should not, in any way, prevent either continued friendship and
mutually beneficial co-ventures, e.g., the annual Linux Picnic and other
initiatives.  It's merely time to say "No, that's not a precedent we can
allow to stand.  See you around."

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