[svlug] Installing Debian

Karen Shaeffer shaeffer at neuralscape.com
Sat Apr 29 17:47:25 PDT 2006

On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 10:46:31PM -0700, Karen Shaeffer wrote:
> Correction. As it turns out, I just had to exit the shell,
> and the system successfully completed the boot. Wow, now I
> really am impressed. (smiles ;) Don't really understand why
> it fell into the shell, maybe the logs will have some info.

Following up on this. It was easily diagnosed as a udev problem.
It was impressive the server did not hang and fell back into
a root shell. Then exiting the shell would complete the
boot without further problems. I haven't looked into this
debian boot sequence, but it is impressive. FC and Redhat would
require you to reboot with a rescue disk under these circumstances.
(Of course, their udev packages didn't have this problem...)

I didn't get back to this server until today. I found out that
the debian folks had already fixed this problem and an update
of udev has resolved this issue on my server -- without me
wasting any time fooling with it. Totally cool.

I am going to migrate much of my lab over to debian. It is
far better for the work I am doing than Red Hat based distros.
I'll just keep a few Red Hat based distro's here for specific
reference servers.

Smiles ;
 Karen Shaeffer
 Neuralscape, Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
 shaeffer at neuralscape.com  http://www.neuralscape.com

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