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Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Sat Apr 29 00:39:08 PDT 2006

hi mark

> Mark Weisler wrote:
> > - tentative planning stages
> > 	http://www.linux-consulting.com/Mini-Tutorial
> Yes, excellent ideas. I'm interested. I've thought for  a long time that th=
> ere=20
> is a need for mini-tutorials or workshops on the topic you mention and more=

good ... lets make it happen ?

> They would have a short plan or curriculum and maybe some advance study wou=
> ld=20
> be recommended so people arrive best prepared to learn.

i'm not sure a curriculum helps but maybe it does ...

if someone has a problem, i'm sure they want it solved "now" vs staying with
the "curriculum"

if someone has the motivation to teach SeLinux, for example, at the last minute,
and it is set for "next weekend", i'd like them to announce it and we all get together

if there is no emergencies or motivated "special sessions", i'd say let's stick
to the original proposed list of topics ( the curriculum ) in the origin url above

> BTW, there was recently one of these hacked into a Saturday installfest. A
> fellow on our list (Bob Smith) offered a tutorial/short course on programmi=
> ng =20
> the AVR [1]

yes... i saw that, but it was tax day ... which has priority over playing with
new toys :-)
	- btw, bob did reply offline ..

	- i'd like to get a keypad working with a parallel port LCD
	( basic electronics-101 to get it working but.. )

	- since that "wish list 3 yrs ago" we now have a usb-based LCD
	that should work for what i want ( custom made ) for mini-itx
	or our small pc-chassis

> How can I help with this?

be a regular attendee ??  would mondays be a problem ??
	- pick a night, "consulting" is 24x7 anyway so it doesn't matter
	to me .. i go with the flow of $$$ from paying clients :-)

there's others that i drag in here to help out occasionally and i hope it's
productive for them and i know it helps my planning of tasks and wish lists 


tonights "tutor session", thanx tim, was i got to watch gentoo being installed,
and i'm no long curious about gentoo install anymore :-) at least it 
makes me want to re-think a nd wanting to write my own installer again ..

and concurrently, we installed centos-4 concurrently, both gentoo and
centos finished around the same time .. 2hrs later ..
- actually, kde is now compiling on gentoo .. lets see what happens

lots of little projects that needs to be done to get the data needed
to make better choices and informed comments, and besides learning
new tricks is fun .. fun if it can be done 1/2 the time someone else does it

	- these little projects are for "pay" for your part-time "help"
	and/or creating a core group of problem solvers

	- you'd have to like to fiddle with new toys and be fairly
	comfortable with the new toys too otherwise little projects
	are not fun since it "consumes time" like a hog ..


i'm assuming we're on for this coming monday .. for at least pow-wow

c ya

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