[svlug] ot - mini-tutorials

Alvin Oga alvin at Mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Fri Apr 28 17:54:16 PDT 2006

hi ya svlug'erz

- a little off topic ..

- is there anybody else out there that would like to 
  see some mini-tutorials ( to learn a new trick or two )
  by going to informal mini-tutorial classes ??

- the idea is to do in a hands-on-lab-session to make
  things work ... this is diffferent than installfest,
  since the machines in question is assumed to be installed
  and working 

- topics of interests "might be", but not limited to
	- security stuff ..
	- office stuff == spam, virus, backups, vpn,vnc,..
	- cluster stuff ..
	- provisioning ..

	- endless list ..

- people that "fixes" problems, the tutors, will probably be 
  compensated with at least ten-thousand pennies or other 
  motivating options that is of interest to them
	- hopefully, we can do 1-on-1 type of tutorials

	- bring your problems or questions and see if it
	can be solved .. sorta thing ..

- tentative planning stages

	- or maybe the idea will die on the spot :-)

c ya

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