[svlug] Aliased emails ala craigslist?

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Thu Apr 27 18:47:21 PDT 2006

Skip Evans writes:

> 4) The mail server hands the message off to my PHP 
> script. *** This is the step I am clueless about ***
> [...]
> Everything above is pretty trivial for me except 
> delivering the email message to my PHP script from 
> the MTA.
> Is this possible? Where would I begin to research 
> such a mechanism?

It depends what MTA you're using.  I just poked with Postfix, which
came with Ubuntu on my laptop, and sent a message to svlug just now
describing most of what you need.  About three lines of configuration
will give you a virtual domain that delivers all mail to the standard
input of a specified command.

Every MTA has its own documentation.  Sendmail's, for example, is a
heavy O'Reilly book that inspired jokes about whether you start to
mumble "defocus" in your sleep.

I feel skeptical of using PHP for this application, because I associate
it with web scripting and not with general-purpose programming.  But it
_is_ Turing-complete...

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