[svlug] Internet Neutrality Legislation

Karen Shaeffer shaeffer at neuralscape.com
Wed Apr 26 17:14:19 PDT 2006

On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 05:42:33PM -0600, Skip Evans wrote:
> "Today, a Republican-dominated House Committee 
> caved to telecom companies like AT&T and voted to 
> gut Net Neutrality, the Internet's First 
> Amendment.

Hi folks,

Well there is other news today, about AT&T.


So, they are lobbying for legislation to force independent content
providers to pay them a tax for using bandwidth, while they will begin
offering much of the same content[1], after gaining an unfair advantage in
the market cost structures. And, in the end, the consumers will lose
big time. Net Neutrality seems to be very important to me.

[1] They'll be offering more and more such services, once they have
a cost structure advantage. It is the obvious path for growth in such
a business environment.
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