[svlug] DVD RAM?

Skip Evans skip at bigskypenguin.com
Mon Apr 24 18:44:55 PDT 2006

Hey all,

We just built a new workstation here, and when 
buying pieces parts, a DVD RAM drive was cheap 
enough that we decided to get that instead of the 
more common DVD-RW drive.

I'd like to use it for the daily backups of our 
servers that I take off-site with me, but am 
wondering if anyone has any recommendations for 
software to burn to the DVD RAM the tar.gz files 
the servers create.

Right now, the servers create these files locally, 
and then copy them over to a workstation that I 
fire up k3b on and burn them to a CD to take home 
with me. I'm okay with this partly 
automatic/partly manual procedure; it gets the 
tar.gz files to a second machine for in-house 
backup, and also lets me burn a CD to take home 
with me for off-site.

Is k3b okay for doing DVD RAM also, or is there 
another program someone would recommend?

The workstation is running the latest Debian 
Sarge, so ideally I'd like to just apt-get install 
something and be good to go.

Skip Evans
Big Sky Penguin, LLC
61 W Broadway
Butte, Montana 59701

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