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On Sunday 23 April 2006 02:59 am, Alan wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Apr 2006 22:54:43 -0700, James Sparenberg <james at linuxrebel.org> 
> >All,
> >
> >  Though I realize political seems to not be the major thrust of many
> >here there does come a time when it's something that has a very
> >direct affect on each and every one of us.  This is in the form of
> >House Bill called the COPE act which is aimed at removing network
> >neutrality (meaning no favoritism or blocking of competitors.)  and
> >moving toward a tiered Internet where only approved traffic
> >(read "paid enough under the table traffic) can be accessed by you.
> >Period.
> >
> >  So far out of the two reps in CA 1 voted to maintain neutrality and
> >the other sided with AT&T.  Check out http://www.savetheinternet.com/
> >make your own decision and take the actions you feel are correct.
> >This can and does IMHO, directly affect most of our jobs.  Most of
> >our families.  Read what Dr. Larry Lessig and others have to say.
> >IANAL but they are.
> >
> >Respectfully,
> >James Sparenberg
> Did you know that the word "gullible" is not in the dictionary?

My brother looked it up.

> That "save the internet" site is oddly careful NOT to give any specific
> legislation links or bill numbers.  That should tip you off right there.
> If you are going to send SVLUG members on a wild political goose
> chase, at least make sure you've verified that at least one
> such goose actually exists.  Start with a bill # and some pertinent
> quotes from the text of proposed law.

it's not entirely illegal, either.  It's simply giving preference to services 
that pay.  If there's a shortage of bandwidth (as there will be, I'm sure) 
then the people who pay for preference will get first pick in bandwidth.  In 
my mind this is a gross thing because: (long-winded explanation)

The people who will get paid by this (the ISPs) will only make money off this 
by there being a shortage of bandwidth.  It's their way of making more money 
on giving you less.  They should be feverishly expanding their networks in no 
just the line to your house but the backbone that all our traffic goes 
through.  That backbone is where the preferential bandwidth will take place.

I really think we should form angry mobs and do some damage because these 
absolute morons are overcharging and they're not doing anything to prepare 
for the future of the Internet.  I know it's scary, but the Internet isn't a 
little things anymore.  It's got millions of millions of dollars flying 
through it every day and if it can't handle it that commerce will begin to 
dwindle.  Then these same companies will get to charge more for the remaining 
bandwidth while they sluggishly expand their networks.

While it is technically legal, I don't think it's fair to the consumer or the 
young startup companies this will slaughter.  One could almost sue for 
obstruction of commerce or something...

So, lets go sharpen our pitchforks and stuff, 'cause I wanna run these 
backwards, lazy businessmen outta town before *they* do damage.

For instance, a few years ago, large ISPs were given a several hundred-billion 
dollar tax cut in return for putting 45mbps fibre in the US - to residential 
areas.  I haven't seen it yet.  All they've done is put more cash into the 
aging broadband and cable services.

Go Google for putting more Internet in more places!

PS:  No, I wouldn't actually form a mob.  I was being dramatic.  I do think, 
however, that some kind of action is needed.  This is far too close to being 
out of control!
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