[svlug] Call for Linux on POWER papers and ideas

David A. Desrosiers daviddes at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 21 07:42:26 PDT 2006

We're looking for some ideas for papers to write to help users and
developers gain a better understanding of the POWER architecture,
development environment, tools, tricks, tips and so on. Since my last
message to this list, we've had an enormous turnout of users using the
free services on these machines that we've provided. 

Many of the users with existing accounts on these machines as well as
the Linux/PPC developer community have asked us for more documentation
on POWER, how to install Linux on it, use it, optimize it, and so on. 

To that end, our team has distributed hundreds of papers and other
collateral over the last few years to help users and developers work
with the platform and the architecture, but we haven't received a lot of
feedback on whether or not these papers we've written were hitting the
mark or not. 

What we would like to know, is what kinds of papers would you like to
see? What kinds of topics are we missing in our collection of existing

Here are the titles of some of the papers we've authored already which
may help to get the the discussion for new papers going: 

- Debugging tools and techniques for Linux on POWER 
- Setting up your IBM eServer OpenPower server
- Solaris to Linux on POWER Porting Guide
- Identify performance bottlenecks with OProfile for Linux on POWER
- Using the Integrated Virtualization Manager with Linux on POWER
- Dynamic logical partitioning for Linux on POWER
- The GNU C/C++ toolchain for Linux on POWER

What other kinds of papers, HOWTOs, technical documents or other pieces
of documentation can we provide to help fill in any gaps in the usage or
understanding of the Linux on POWER environment? 

Thanks in advance for any ideas and comments you can provide. 

David A. Desrosiers
Linux on Power Developer Program Manager
daviddes at us.ibm.com

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