[svlug] Tonight's meeting - Apple Campus, Cupertino "De Anza Building 3 Auditorium"

Jennifer Davis sigje at sigje.org
Thu Apr 20 15:24:09 PDT 2006

Heather sent that great message earlier.. but I wanted to follow that with 
some stuff to know .. it may seem like tonight's meeting is a little dry 
from reading the descriptions, but it should actually be very good.  One 
of the trainers, Russ Henmi is an actual VMWare trainer who generally gets 
paid to do this kind of work.  If there is anything that you have wanted 
to know about VMWare, but never had the money/time to go to VMWare world, 
or one of the USENIX conferences where it was offered as a tutorial, 
tonight is your chance to really get a deep view into it.

Additionally, Peter Bowen originally worked for Ximian on systems 
management software, and now works at Novell.  His talk on 
desktop/datacenter Linux should be very deep as well.

We have a full night tonight of Virtualization, and Linux.

Anne Henmi of Security and Linux fame will be there tonight so if you want 
to chat to her after the meeting, or get her to sign your copy of one of 
her books, she'll be there.

Novell is sponsoring the pizza and drinks.  Be there at 7pm to get fresh 
hot pizza :)

Apple Campus
De Anza 3 Auditorium

  That's the parking lot on the East side of DeAnza just South of that big
   street that leads into the Loop (Marianni at the light).

   If you're coming from 280 then you're coming from the north, and the
   easiest is to turn on Marianni, then turn right into the Blue Apples lot
   ...then, go around the building to the other side, since otherwise it's 
      long walk around the building.
   ...try not to go too far, it's a real PITA to have to U-turn by the 
      Wheel.  Unless you were getting donuts or coffee anyway :)

   If you're coming from 85 or otherwise by surface street (DeAnza/Stevens
   Creek being a giant intersection if you're indulging in paper maps) then
   don't bother going as far as Marianni;  just continue North, and turn 
   the earliest Blue Apple parking lot you see past the Donut Wheel.
   ...That's the right side of the street, and the right side of the 
   ...if you miss, turn R on Marianni, use its entrance to the Blue Apples
      and continue back around the building.

Thanks all!

Jennifer Davis

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