[svlug] LFS lameness (was: Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux from the Source RPMS)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Apr 13 08:26:48 PDT 2006

Quoting Walt Reed (svlug at linuxguy.com):

> Nobody is telling hosting clients that they are getting redhat when they
> are not. We don't HAVE hosting clients.
> Do I like and appreciate what RedHat provides to the open source
> community? Yes. Do I like what the open source community provides for
> RedHat? Sure do.

I'm going to leave the borderline-distro-advocacy discussion for others,
but just wanted to relate a tidbit about RHEL.  I have RHEL3 with a
recent set of updates on a business ThinkPad.  (Choice of software is
driven by external considerations that will not be discussed here.)  A
while ago, after the recent release, I decided to fetch the FC5 images
for i386 onto it, so that I could have copies around for CABAL
installfest/meetings and other reasons.  

This time, I decided, hey, let's do the DVD image instead of five CDs.
So:  wget -c http://somesite/fedora/linux/core/5/i386/iso/FC-5-i386-DVD.iso
Should work, right?

Back in dinosaur days, around 2000, I spent some time documenting the
progress of Large File Summit patches into 32-bit Unixes.  See: 
"2GB Filesize Limit" on http://linuxmafia.com/kb/Filesystems .  And I
basically stopped updating that documentation around late 2000, because,
with glibc 2.2, 2.4.0test7 and later kernels, and patching of various
file-handling utilities to use 64-bit file-access and file-locking
system calls, >2GB file support became a solved problem.

And, hey, everyone uses wget, right?  I mean, you'd hang your head in
shame if you were publishing an enterprise Linux distribution in 2006
whose copy of wget segfaults when a DVD image being retrieved passes 
2147483647 bytes, right?

Yeah, you guessed it.

I'm sure CentOS 3.x's wget is equally broken, being, after all, the
same thing.  Neither has bothered to upgrade wget to v. 1.10, which
merged in LFS support, a year ago.

Isn't that... just special?

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