[svlug] Need advice about Firestarter or Guarddog,Guidedog

Joe Buck Joe.Buck at synopsys.COM
Wed Apr 12 10:53:17 PDT 2006

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 04:39:05PM -0700, Norman Shapiro wrote:
> I'm running RedHat Linux 9. using a firewall/masquerading script written years
> ago by a very smart, very knowledgeable person whom most of you know.

I'd be rather nervous about running an ancient and unmaintained Linux
distro and just relying on a firewall that runs on top of that ancient and
unmaintained distro for security.

> The May 2006 Issue of Linux Journal mentioned two systems for a GUI based
> firewall/masquerading that might solve this problem for me: Firestarter and
> Guarddog,Guidedog.
> Firestarter is Gnome based; Guarddog,Guidedog is KDE based.

>   If I switch to KDE will I still be able to use the Gnome based Firestarter,
>   without temporarily switching back go Gnome. That is, will Firestarter run
>   under KDE, provided of course that I still have all the Gnome libraries and
>   other Gnome infrastructure?


KDE apps run fine on a Gnome desktop, and Gnome apps run fine on a KDE
desktop.  Thanks to projects like freedesktop.org, all of the glitches
are being smoothed out so that apps can be installed in menus that appear
in both, so that drag-and-drop works between KDE and Gnome apps and vice
versa.  People still think you have to pick one or the other.  It's not
true.  Soon, even developers won't have to pick, because Trolltech is
planning to pick up the glib event loop, so that you can put Gnome and
KDE widgets into the same application.

Behind the scenes, KDE and Gnome developers are cooperating closely;
it's only the non-developer users who still think that there's a war.

>   Will I be able to use the KDE based Guarddog,Guidedog under Gnome. provided of
>   course that I have all the KDE libraries and other KDE infrastructure?


>   What other questions should I have asked?

"I want to run something reasonably up to date, rather than just shop for
an ultra-secure door lock and ignore that fact that I have windows wide open
all over the house.  What should I be running instead of Red Hat 9?"

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