[svlug] Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux from the Source RPMS

Peter Neal ptor at speakeasy.net
Tue Apr 11 12:42:28 PDT 2006

On Tuesday 11 April 2006 11:00 am, de Runtz, Lars wrote:
> How hard is it to Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux from the Source RPMS?
> I've only installed from ISO images.  Is it something that can be done at an installfest?
> -Lars


It's probably a non-trivial task, if you mean that you want to 
do a fresh RHEL install from source RPMs, and build all the 
source at the same time. RHEL isn't made to do that. If that's 
what you want to do.

For distributions like Gentoo, rebuilding everything from
source usually takes many hours. (According to a Gentoo-using

You are welcome to try whatever software task you like
at the Installfest, but just remember that the Installfest 
runs from 11 am to a hard stop at 4 pm. 

See you there!

Peter Neal
SVLUG Installfest coordinator

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