[svlug] No Networking In Gentoo

Lord Sauron lordsauronthegreat at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 10:17:27 PDT 2006

On 4/9/06, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Lord Sauron (lordsauronthegreat at gmail.com):
> > 1) Yes, I did say Gentoo.  Their new graphical installer on their
> > live-cd is really quite nice.  Next time I'm at a installfest I'll
> > have to demo it.  I know as well as all of you that I can't make it
> > through a stage 3 install by myself, much less a stage 1.
> Next time you're at an installfest, it would also be good to attend a
> guided tour of the Gentoo Stage 3 install process.  Both are the sort of
> things installfests are for, to pool our knowledge and share it (and,
> honest, the Stage 1 process isn't scary).

Yeah, I know it's very logical and stuff, however, I'm still not
totally bash-trained yet.

> > The card is a Netgear 100/10 PCI card - really generic.
> What _chipset_?  (You can probably get that from lspci, or for certain by
> just yanking the card out and jotting down what's writtne atop the
> card's largest chip.)

Well, before this I had no clue about the very existance of the lspci
and lsmod commands, and the rc-update ones were mysterious ones, too. 
I'm still very ignorant about the workings of Linux, though I'm
constantly getting better, and that's good news.

> Drivers get written for _chipsets_.  Makes/models are just marketing data.
> (And, by the way, you didn't identify what driver you were attempting to
> use, either.)

I wasn't sure.  I have *no* previous experience in networking hardware
and such with linux.

> > Anyways, the networking isn't working.
> I haven't yet read the later postings in this thread, but some
> more-detailed symptoms would have been really handy.  "[Foo] isn't
> working" tells people very little.  E.g., what is in lsmod output?
> What does /sbin/ifconfig -a" show?  Are you able to do static IP, even
> though you aren't presently able to do DHCP client?  Those are the
> diagnostic steps that come most immediately to mind, off the top of my
> head.

Yeah, I didn't even know how to give a more detailed description. 
Sorry, I'm just not that advanced.

> > I'm also not entirely sure my networking card is properly installed.
> Which leads to another obvious question:  Is the same hardware setup a
> known-good under some other OS?  E.g., do you achieve success using
> DamnSmallLinux, Knoppix, some other live-CD distribution, or some
> HD-installed distribution you've used in the past?  The point is that it
> would be handy to be able to say for certain that you don't have a
> hardware problem, before attempting to diagnose a software one that may
> not exist.
> > The machine is working with Kernel version 2.6.15 (gentoo), built
> > using Genkernel, which I have no idea how to use.
> I'm a bit unclear:  When you say "the machine is working with kernel
> version 2.6.15", do you mean including networking?  If so, that would
> seem to contradict your statement that you're unsure whether your
> networking card is properly installed.

The machine uses kernel 2.6.15 built by genkernel.

> > Thanks for any help!  In the mean-time, I'll be combing the big and
> > ancient book "linux in a nutshell" to try and find something helpful.
> Warning:  "Linux in a Nutshell" is not a tutorial.  It's a reference.
> You probably want a tutorial, such as the LDP's online book "Network
> Administrators' Guide".

Well, "Linux in a Nutshell" is the best I've got.  I'll go search for
"Network Admin's Guide," but I've got to run now - bye.

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