[svlug] No Networking In Gentoo

Jeff Walter jeffw at gentoo.org
Mon Apr 10 00:56:36 PDT 2006

M Nakamura wrote:
> Isn't Install CD with shell prompt installer?:)

     The "Install" CD is the LiveCD with the X-based installer.  You can still 
use the "Install" CD as a LiveCD in console mode by passing "nox" on the kernel 
command line.

> I'm a control freak and that's why I prefer gentoo.

     Don't I know it.  The reason I originally started toying with Gentoo was to 
learn more about Linux and how it works.  Since then I've become somewhat of a 
control freak when it comes to my systems.

>> I tend to be a bit paranoid about how long will it take to be up and running in the shortest time possible starting with the bare minimum: PC + network connection + netinstall CD.
>> With Debian I don't have to read any "how-to" on the net to have a working system.
>> With Gentoo I always had to have another PC on to follow the recipe.
>> Any news? Now most of the boxes have 2.4GHz P4+ CPU and over 500Mb RAM. I won't have to wait 4 days to have KDE running ;)
> Use PKG if you are in hurry.

     I'm guessing you have other computers, right?  DistCC.  Should help with 
compile times.  As far as getting the system booted in the shortest amount of 
time, I typically boot from the LiveCD, partition the disk(s), create the 
filesystems, mount up, extract a stage 3 tarball, extract the latest Portage 
snapshot (saves a bunch of time versus syncing), and then setup configuration 
settings (/etc/make.conf, /etc/conf.d/hostname, /etc/conf.d/domainname, 
/etc/hosts, /etc/fstab, and /etc/conf.d/net if something other than DHCP is 
needed).  After that I emerge vim, grub, vixie-cron, metalog, and kernel 
sources.  From there I compile a kernel, setup/install grub, and add vixie-cron, 
metalog, and sshd to the default runlevel.  Oh, and I set a root password, it 
helps later on ;-)  Sorry about the obnoxiously long "paragraph".

Jeff Walter
jeffw at gentoo.org

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