[svlug] No Networking In Gentoo

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Apr 9 21:58:59 PDT 2006

Quoting Lord Sauron (lordsauronthegreat at gmail.com):

> 1) Yes, I did say Gentoo.  Their new graphical installer on their
> live-cd is really quite nice.  Next time I'm at a installfest I'll
> have to demo it.  I know as well as all of you that I can't make it
> through a stage 3 install by myself, much less a stage 1.

Next time you're at an installfest, it would also be good to attend a
guided tour of the Gentoo Stage 3 install process.  Both are the sort of
things installfests are for, to pool our knowledge and share it (and,
honest, the Stage 1 process isn't scary).

> The card is a Netgear 100/10 PCI card - really generic.

What _chipset_?  (You can probably get that from lspci, or for certain by
just yanking the card out and jotting down what's writtne atop the
card's largest chip.)

Drivers get written for _chipsets_.  Makes/models are just marketing data. 
(And, by the way, you didn't identify what driver you were attempting to
use, either.)

> Anyways, the networking isn't working.

I haven't yet read the later postings in this thread, but some
more-detailed symptoms would have been really handy.  "[Foo] isn't 
working" tells people very little.  E.g., what is in lsmod output?  
What does /sbin/ifconfig -a" show?  Are you able to do static IP, even
though you aren't presently able to do DHCP client?  Those are the
diagnostic steps that come most immediately to mind, off the top of my

> I'm also not entirely sure my networking card is properly installed. 

Which leads to another obvious question:  Is the same hardware setup a
known-good under some other OS?  E.g., do you achieve success using
DamnSmallLinux, Knoppix, some other live-CD distribution, or some
HD-installed distribution you've used in the past?  The point is that it
would be handy to be able to say for certain that you don't have a
hardware problem, before attempting to diagnose a software one that may
not exist.

> The machine is working with Kernel version 2.6.15 (gentoo), built
> using Genkernel, which I have no idea how to use.

I'm a bit unclear:  When you say "the machine is working with kernel
version 2.6.15", do you mean including networking?  If so, that would
seem to contradict your statement that you're unsure whether your
networking card is properly installed.

> Thanks for any help!  In the mean-time, I'll be combing the big and
> ancient book "linux in a nutshell" to try and find something helpful. 

Warning:  "Linux in a Nutshell" is not a tutorial.  It's a reference.
You probably want a tutorial, such as the LDP's online book "Network
Administrators' Guide".

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