[svlug] No Networking In Gentoo

Dan Martinez dfm at razorwind.org
Sun Apr 9 10:39:22 PDT 2006

1. Is the network card being detected? The output of 'dmesg' would be useful.

    dmesg | grep eth

might give a few clues, although it would probably be better to say

    dmesg | less

and search for 'eth', just to get the surrounding context.

2. Does the output of 'ifconfig' show that the system is aware of the
presence of eth0?

3. What happens if you run

    /etc/init.d/net.eth0 start

by hand?

4. Are the 'hotplug' and 'coldplug' packages installed? Are they
configured to run at boot time? You're not going to get many modules,
including network modules, loaded automatically without them.What's

    emerge -p hotplug coldplug


What does

    rc-status --all


If you can provide the requested items -- dmesg output, ifconfig
output, results of attempting to manually start net.eth0, and the
output of the above emerge and rc-status commands -- we'll be in a
*much* better position to help you. (That's *output*, not just
results. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.)


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