[svlug] Audio Problem

Thomas G. Digby bubbles at well.com
Sat Apr 8 16:40:16 PDT 2006

Earlier I posted about a problem I had playing audio files.  The main
system was sound playing in short loops about a second or so long in play
and aplay, while xmms and Mozilla worked OK.

This was with the 2.4.27-2-386 kernel in Debian sarge.  

According to the label on the box the mother board is a Jetway P4MVMP with
the VIA VT8235/DDR266.

Someone in a private email suggested I try a new sound card.  Since Weird 
Stuff had PCI Sound Blaster cards for about $10 I tried one.  That worked.  

Now almost everything pretty much works, sound-wise, except that some
applications have problems playing some files.  I haven't tried recording

So did I have bad hardware, or is that just one of those chip sets that
doesn't do well with Linux?

                       -- Tom Digby
                       bubbles at well.com

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