[svlug] configuring X to accept external connections

chris case chrisc at brc2.com
Thu Apr 6 19:25:14 PDT 2006


Thanks for the help.  I noticed, however, that no port was open for the 
X server.  Unless I am mistaken about the ports listed:

22/tcp  open  ssh
25/tcp  open  smtp
111/tcp open  rpcbind
631/tcp open  ipp

When I ran the oemapp console i got the following error:

        at oracle.ewt.lwAWT.BufferedApplet.<init>(Unknown Source)
        at oracle.sysman.vt.console.app.Console.<init>(Console.java:149)
        at oracle.sysman.vtx.vtxOemApp.OemApp.launch(OemApp.java:222)
        at oracle.sysman.vtx.vtxOemApp.OemApp.main(OemApp.java:80)

I'll do some more tinkering around with it and see what can be done.


Michael Long wrote:
> on your box run 'xhost +'
> on the box with oracle ssh to it and type setenv DISPLAY <your ip 
> address>:0.0
> (exact command depends on your shell. YOu basically want to set the 
> DISPLAY variable to the ip address of your machine). if you did it 
> correctly when you type echo $DISPLAY it should have our machines IP 
> address.
> Fire up the app and it should display on your box. I'm assuming you 
> have some kind of linux/unix box too. If you are are running windows, 
> VNC is your best bet and that's well documented.
> Mike
> On Apr 6, 2006, at 6:38 PM, chris case wrote:
>> I've been searching around for awhile to no avail.  I need this
>> capability so that I can run Oracle Enterprise Management Console (OEM),
>> off of a host on the local network.  I am using a freshly installed
>> Fedora Core 5 (FC5) box with Gnome.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> ~chris
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