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Tin Le tin at le.org
Thu Apr 6 20:38:09 PDT 2006

Thanks.  I am going to meet with our account managers from HP and IBM,
also talking with Sun to see what their blade story is.

Tin Le
Tin Le - tin at le.org
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> The only thing I find really annoying with the HP blades is their DC
> power bus bars. I suggest visiting a site that has the HP and IBM blades
> and seeing how they are to deal with. The other thing I noticed is that
> with the bus bars in normal production configuration, they seem to
> massivly hinder airflow.
> The bussbars are attached to the normal rack mounting holes, and pivot
> out like cabinet doors. A plastic clip joins the left and right bars in
> the middle to keep them closed.
> I found that airflow was improved and server temperature dropped if I
> did NOT clip them together, and leave them partway open alowing air to
> move between them. Dealing with cabling such as FCAL or ethernet was
> also a pain with the damn bussbars and the 1/2" thick DC power cables
> getting in the way.
> Server management is quite good, and better if you spring for the extra
> blade chassis module that does not come standard (it should.)
> The HP management tools and drivers all install nicely on Centos 3 and 4
> if you alter the /etc/redhat-release to say that it's real redhat.
> The HP FCAL modules work well with EMC SAN management / multi-pathing
> software.
> HTH.
> On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 11:22:23AM -0700, Tin Le said:
>> Hi folks,
>> I need to setup high availability, redudant web and database servers.
>> And I was looking at HP ProLiant blade servers and IBM's Blade Center.
>> http://h30099.www3.hp.com/configurator/catalog-isswce.asp
>> http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/bladecenter/
>> I was wondering if anyone has experience with blade servers and Linux.
>> Good, bad, recommendations are all appreciated.  I need to put the
>> systems together soon, ready to buy, just want to make sure I buy the
>> right one.  Suggestions as to other vendors to look at is also
>> appreciated.
>> Thanks.
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