[svlug] Developing Kickstart scripts when they are used inproduction

Mark msalists at gmx.net
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That's one of the parameters in the kickstart file, right?
So in my case, when my perl script generates the kickstart file dynamically, I would have it plug in a different line for the
install source based on either the URL parameter or the config file

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Is there any way you could do a differrent type of kickstart installation depending on whether it was in a test or production
environment?  For example, for test you do an ftp install, for production do tftp over an nfs mount like I have done recently.  Put
the same software in 2 differrent places and vary the scripts accordingly. 


On 4/4/06, Mark <msalists at gmx.net> wrote: 

I wrote a perl script that generates the kickstart files based on some default templates.
The template parses a bunch of parameters from a config file (each box has its own config file) and plugs them in.
Then I just specify the perl script with the config file name as parameter when I kick off the install, e.g.

Of course, instead of pearl, you can use whatever other scripting language you want... 


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> Hi,
> At my current place of employ I set up kickstart to install
> Linux and our
> stuff on our appliances.
> However, product managers want to change the hardware, and 
> some changes
> require that changes be made to the Kickstart scripts. Eg,
> moving to two
> drives and wanting to mirror some stuff and so on.
> To handle this sitution, I decided to set up a development 
> kickstart area
> as well as the production kickstart area. This is a good start, but
> problems occur when we have to move a new kickstart file into
> production.
> While it is possible to eliminate some of these by setting up 
> a separate
> name space (via a separate DNS and isolated network) that is
> a pain. Life
> would be a whole lot easier, on the whole, if Kickstart
> allowed you to
> embed variables in a kickstart script. 
> I am already doing this in the %post script:
>       # Post installation fixup stuff
>       %post
>       printenv
>       KS=`printenv| grep ANACONDAARGS | cut -f3 -d/ | cut -f1 -d.` 
>       echo Kickstart location is: $KS
> which allows me to minimize the hand-edits that are needed
> when moving
> stuff from dev to production. This is handled by specifying that the
> kickstart config file is at http://ks... pr http://ks-dev...
> in the boot
> cd used ...
> However, things like the url keyword still present problems: 
>       url --url http://ks...
> Here I have to remember to manually edit the script when I
> move it over.
> Are there any simple solutions? Do I have to learn Python? 
> Regards
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