[svlug] An FC5 horror story ...

Sanatan Rai sanatan at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 22:59:55 PDT 2006

> Yesterday, in a fit of capriciousness, I decided to upgrade my machine to
> FC5. I had the ISOs, and I had burned CDs, and 'yum install xyz' kept
> failing on the FC3 base I had ...

    Ahem...Same situation with me...

> So, I installed. Then I had major problems. My DSL link would not come up.
> It seemed clear that it was not an SBC problem, but nothing I could do
> would bring it up.

   Ahem...Similar situation with me. Except that I kept the FC3 box,
and installed FC5 on a brand new box. I am connected to the phone line
via an ADSL router modem. The older box is on the net, however, when I
configure the new box to pick up an IP address, it doesn't. On the
other hand if I give it a static ( address, then it can
connect to the other box, but not to the outside world. The DHCP
config works with the older box, but not with the new one. Any ideas?

> Fortunately, I was in the process of switching to ComCast cable, so I had
> a link to the outside world. After lots of searching on google, and
> noticing some problems with eth0 timing out, and a number of reboots, and
> so forth, the solution was: add irqpoll to the kernel line in grub.conf.

   I haven't tried this yet, but I should guess that since my netcard
seems to come up allright, perhaps this isn't the fix(?).

  By the way, I gave up on both FC4 and Ubuntu 5.10 for this new box,
as it has an ATI card. The ATI drivers supplied with these
distributions freeze X, though I believe there is a work aournd.


Sanatan Rai
Flat 10, Horselydown Mansions,
Lafone Street, London SE1 2NA

Sanatan Rai
Flat 10, Horselydown Mansions,
Lafone Street, London SE1 2NA

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