[svlug] Web site being brushed up

Alvin Oga alvin at Mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Sun Apr 2 16:52:12 PDT 2006

hi ya

On Sun, 2 Apr 2006, Rick Moen wrote:

> While getting ready for www.svlug.org conversion to wiki format, I've

cool ... lots of work

> and listed known Bay Area retailers selling Linux distribution media.

assuming people rather get the cd vs downloading and burning yourself:

we'll give away free distro cd's where it's legal for people to
burn their own distro cd ..  the catch is you have to come here
to burn the distro of your choice yourself from the cd images 
we've already downloaded or wait and go to installfests or rick's

our distro version ...

	- the images are updated regularly... i'm currently downloading
	the "official" fedora-core-5 release for athlon64

	- one day, you'll be able to print fancy cdrom images
	directly onto the "printable" cd

> If people can think of anything I've missed, reminders would be most
> helpful.  E.g., if someone wants to go to some of the stores and 
> _verify_ what distros they carry, that would be great.

fries carries suse/freebsd/xandros/lindows/prodigny/slackware 
but it might not always be in stock
	- they seem to have pulled rh off the shelf

c ya

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