[svlug] Python text recommendations

Ian MacLure ibm1130 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 30 13:43:17 PST 2005

I have occasion to write some Python scripts from time
to time and I'm looking for a good comprehensive text
on the language.
Do the Pythonistas out there have anything to
I was able to get what I needed for now out of the
goodies python.org and ActiveState provide in their
downloads but I want a good tactile reference to flip

As an aside, the learning curve on Python is much less
steep than it is for Perl. Granted I'm not doing
anything all that complicated but so far even with
on-line docs its been relatively easy.

Now if only I could figure out someway to get Eric 
working without jumping through IS hoops (this being,
unfortunately a shop which employs a vicious legacy


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