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Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Wed Mar 30 03:25:29 PST 2005

on Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 12:57:05PM -0500, Skip Evans (skip at venomouspenguin.com) wrote:
> Robert Hajime Lanning wrote:
> ><quote who="Skip Evans">

[Getting lots of spam]

> >Grep for the queue ID. "j2RC8ORJ030415"
> >
> >Sendmail puts different information in different log entries.
> >The only real way to match them up is via the queue ID.

> I am now under the impression this could be worm-spam from a very
> large number of infected machines out there.

Again:  if you can find some source IPs, you can get a better idea of
what you're dealing with.

In particular, there are numerous DNSBLs which deal with email abuse,
including open proxy / open relay lists.  Which may or may not catch the
particular spam you're dealing with.  But given a set of IPs, you can
test against several of the major lists.  Google will turn up several
pages you can enter this into, or a short shell script will do the
> If so, isn't it kind of impossible to block it? This server answers
> email for diamond dealers in NYC and can get legitimate email from
> anyone in the world, so how would you go about sorting out the spam
> from the real?

If you don't mind ingesting it, spamassassin will kill this sort of
thing pretty reliably.


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