[svlug] Problems connecting to pop3 - more info

Skip Evans skip at venomouspenguin.com
Thu Mar 17 13:12:29 PST 2005

Regarding the previous message showing the details of the pop3 problem, 
here again is what happens connecting to the port (or with PASS used per 
Bill's comment):

sevans at linux1:~$ telnet 110
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK POP3 207-234-129-112.ptr.primarydns.com 2004.89 server ready
USER *****
+OK User name accepted, password please
PASS ********
-ERR Bad login

But I can connect to the standard telnet port, with the same user name 
and password:

sevans at linux1:~$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Fedora Core release 1 (Yarrow)
Kernel 2.4.22-1.2199.nptl on an i686
login: *****
Last login: Thu Mar 17 17:40:10 from
You have mail.

Where should I begin looking for differences to determine
how telnet is authenticating the user differently than pop3?

Or am I on the wrong track? Right now, I am trackless.


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