[svlug] GMane, Leafnode -- newsgroups instead of mailing lists

Joseph Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Tue Mar 15 22:07:40 PST 2005

J C Lawrence <claw at kanga.nu> wrote: 

> Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> > Quoting J C Lawrence (claw at kanga.nu):
> >>   5) Relax and enjoy both the pleasure of a well featured news reader,
> >>   but also having the (full) list archives readily available and
> >>   searchable right there in the same tool I use to read and reply to the
> >>   list (I've set Leafnode's expire policies to be quite generous).
> > "Full featured" sounds like a job for GNUS.
> Yeppirs.

Yes... Though it's a bit on the slow and clunky side for my taste (I'm
used to "nn" which uses extensive pre-indexing to get everything to snap
really fast).  But I must think gnus is useable, because I've been using
it lately (rather than hassle with setting up nn myself). 

> >> Now to find a newsreader I like more than the venerable `tin` (which
> >> is thoroughly soaked into my muscle memory).  This could be hard...
> > It's hard enough that one eventually remembers that tin isn't broken.  ;->
> Oh, tin isn't broken to be sure, and it is thoroughly embedded in my
> muscle memory.  However, like Karsten, I would *really* like posting
> and reading to be asynchronous with regard to each other.  Some
> posts take seconds to write, and some more than a week (no lie).
> I'd rather not have a locked reading interface for those longer
> cases.

Interesting: lately using gnus, I've gotten into the habit of hitting
"reply" to anything I think I might want to reply to later; then I just
let the reply buffer sit there, and switch back to *Summary* and keep
reading.  The reply buffers will hang around until I exit from gnus, so
I can go through them later and finish writing them (or just kill them).

I just went looking around for some sort of tin-emulation package for 
gnus and didn't turn anything up... no doubt that's occured to you also.

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