[svlug] OT: Cross-posting [was: Re: Linux Job]

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Mar 15 18:34:44 PST 2005

Brian J. Tarricone writes:
>William R Ward wrote:
>>Cross-posting across multiple mailing lists is, I believe, contrary to
>>SVLUG policy.  It causes problems because not all the same people may
>>be subscribed to all the lists, so when someone replies, it would
>>bounce from the list(s) to which they are not subscribed.  Multi-
>>posting avoids the bounces, but still not everyone will see replies
>>unless they are on all the list(s) involved.
>So, in the case that, hypothetically, I'm subscribed to two mailing 
>lists, and I think some bit of information (or whatever) would be of 
>interest to both of them, what's the recommended way of passing the info 
>along?  Cross-posting, or multi-posting?  Or some other way that I 
>haven't thought of?  I'm not trying to be a troll; I'm genuinely curious.

Multi-posting is the lesser evil.  The only downside to multi-posting
that I'm aware of is that when people reply, it just goes to one list,
so people on other list(s) wouldn't see it.

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