[svlug] OT: Cross-posting [was: Re: Linux Job]

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Mar 15 16:34:00 PST 2005

William R Ward writes:
>Rick Moen writes:
>>I mostly wanted to remind people that we do _have_ a jobs policy and a
>>jobs mailing list -- and to caution that cross-posting between mailing
>>lists often creates problems.  (Come to think of it, multiposting does, too.)
>Yes, crossposting and multiposting can create problems.  However,
>there's no need to criticize the way he posted to both lists in this
>case, since he posted to the jobs list only after he had been told to
>do so.  So I don't think that applies in this case.
>Let's let this be the end of the thread.  Any further discussion on
>the jobs policy should be directed to the officers list.

It appears that one more thing does need to be said here:

After re-reading all the messages in question I realize that I
misunderstood what Rick was saying.  He wasn't referring to the
message Matt had just posted to both this list and the jobs list, but
rather to the idea that Matt might, in the future, cross-post job
listings to both lists, and that doing so would be harmful, and I
agree with that.

Cross-posting across multiple mailing lists is, I believe, contrary to
SVLUG policy.  It causes problems because not all the same people may
be subscribed to all the lists, so when someone replies, it would
bounce from the list(s) to which they are not subscribed.  Multi-
posting avoids the bounces, but still not everyone will see replies
unless they are on all the list(s) involved.


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