[svlug] Linux Job

Matt Walsh mr_walsh at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 14 17:09:33 PST 2005

Ok, I'm a member of this list, this is not spam.  Well, it *is* an advert,
but I'm sending it personally and just here and Craig's List.  And this is
probably the only job posting I'll ever do.  Gross apologies if I
shouldn't post this.  This is a legit job - I should know, it's the same
job I have, I love it, and I can't think of a better place to find folks
for it.

So here's the deal...

Our company, a big, stable company based in Silicon Valley, needs someone
with that uncommon combination of technical and customer-relationship

Our company's sales team needs a strong engineer to help them make our
customers happy.  We need someone that customers like to deal with.  We
need someone that likes dealing with customers, as his/her customers will
be some of our most important and visible ones.  We need someone that can
quickly understand a customer's setup, find 'the rubs', and come up with
ideas on your own or with other people at our company that usually don't
venture out 'into the field'.

The work in this position consists almost entirely of C, Fortran, C++ and
assembler (in that order) all running on Linux.  No, you do not need to be
a Fortran expert, BUT you do need to be comfortable looking at Fortran
code.  Ditto for assembly.

If you are looking to do Windows/Java/VB/Web programming/.net this job is
**NOT** for you.  Focus is largely on optimization and debugging customer
software.  This is not a great job if you want to write the next great
killer app because you will mainly be on short but stimulating projects.

If you like the sound of it email back directly to me, 
mr_walsh at yahoo.com.


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