[svlug] Intro & Linux Mentoring/Support??

Mark Srebnik msrebnik at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 14 13:33:13 PST 2005


Recently joined the mailing list and have enjoyed reading posts lately...

As way of intro, I'm not working in the hi-tech industry, but work on the Peninsula and enjoy using and 
learning more about computers.

Consider myself at advanced user level in overall computer usage. Used PC's/Mac's since '86 and solve most

About 2 years ago, got very interested in learning Linux. Have dipped my toes in the water
by recently 

A) installing AmigoLinux on my ol' Libretto 110CT subnote and 

B) buying a Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 (runs Linux and fits in your shirtpocket) from Japan.

Have read some Linux intro books and know just enough to be dangerous!

While I've managed to learn some of the basics of Linux, there's a whole lot that just seems 
very mysterious and cryptic when I read posts here and elsewhere. 

Meanwhile, in the interest of accelerating my learning I wondered if

A) Anyone out there that would be willing to meet for lunch (I'll buy!) sometime to discuss Linux topics/questions
somewhere on the Peninsula (I work in Redwood Shores just off Hwy 101) ?


B) Anyone provide or willing to discuss idea/options for mentoring/support as I try to get up to speed with Linux?

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to contact me either here or off-list.

Hope to come to some of the group meetings in the near future....look forward to meeting some of you.

Thanks for any and all input!


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