[svlug] GMane, Leafnode -- newsgroups instead of mailing lists

beartooth beartooth at adelphia.net
Mon Mar 14 06:52:22 PST 2005

On Sun, 13 Mar 2005 22:37:01 -0800, J C Lawrence wrote:

> Happily, SVLUG and more than a third of the lists I'm interested in are
> already carried by GMane.  Less happily running about and changing all
> my list subscriptions to NOMAIL is a real pain (700 lists and counting,
> yeesh!).  Now to find a newsreader I like more than the venerable `tin`
> (which is thoroughly soaked into my muscle memory).  This could be
> hard...

Fwiw, I've been doing the same for quite a while (though not with *that*
many) -- using Pan 0.14.2 from http://pan.rebelbase.com/ -- and am well
pleased. I follow three Opera lists, half a dozen on GRC, about three
dozen on gmane, and thirty or so on Giganews. 

Pan's own answer to what it is reads this way (from the site) :

Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasing to both new and
experienced users. In addition to the standard newsreader features, Pan
also supports yEnc, offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple
connections, and more features for power users and alt.binaries fans.

It's also the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect score on the Good
Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evaluations.

Pan runs on Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Windows, and most flavors of Unix.

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Bear in mind that I have little idea what I am talking about.

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