[svlug] GMane, Leafnode -- newsgroups instead of mailing lists

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sun Mar 13 22:37:01 PST 2005

After some thought, especially over the rather neat features of the new
Leafnode betas, I've started moving my list subscriptions to GMane.  Why
not locally gating to Leafnoce?  At this point I'm waiting for Leafnode
v2 to hit release and thence a standard Debian package.  From a package
maintenance viewpoint I'm just a bit too lazy to want to bother with
building from source, and there really aren't that many lists I'm
interested in that won't be carried by Gmane.  Certainly not enough that
I feel I just must scratch the itch, so I'll leave those under mail
until Leafnode v2 hits a Debian package.  And thus GMane is a near
perfect compromise.  Moving to GMane generally involves the following

  1) Is list not already carried on GMane?

    - Contact list owner and get agreement for Gmane to carry it

    - Contact Lars at GMane and setup gateway (incl archives if

    - Wait for group to appear in GMane's feed.

  2) Subscribe newsreader.

  3) Wait for leafnode to populate the group (~15 minutes as I've edited
  Leafnode's fetchnews cronjob to run that frequently)

  4) Set subscription to original mailing list to NOMAIL.

  5) Relax and enjoy both the pleasure of a well featured news reader,
  but also having the (full) list archives readily available and
  searchable right there in the same tool I use to read and reply to the
  list (I've set Leafnode's expire policies to be quite generous).

Happily, SVLUG and more than a third of the lists I'm interested in are
already carried by GMane.  Less happily running about and changing all
my list subscriptions to NOMAIL is a real pain (700 lists and counting,
yeesh!).  Now to find a newsreader I like more than the venerable `tin`
(which is thoroughly soaked into my muscle memory).  This could be

J C Lawrence
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claw at kanga.nu               He lived as a devil, eh?
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