[svlug] Sunnyvale Electronics Flea Market this morning

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Sat Mar 12 03:44:24 PST 2005

For those who like to occasionally visit the Electronics Flea Market in
Sunnyvale (formerly located at Foothill College), the first one of the
year is this morning until noon.  I'm leaving to go help set up the
food concession stand since this month is WVARA's turn to run the event.
The current location is near 101/237 at a parking lot on Lockheed-Martin
Way across from the Ariba building - use Moffett Park Dr to get there
since the other direction on L-M Way is closed behind the military
security perimeter.

Directions are at

More information is also at

Last I heard, the flea market is having a similar problem to SVLUG.
The current location has not been confirmed with Lockheed beyond March.
Watch the web site for details on the location for April and the rest
of the year.

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