[svlug] detial on SBC

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Mar 8 13:22:20 PST 2005

ron at biovalid.com writes:
>Let me detail how my mail to SBC customers became
>blocked. SBC has started blocking port 25 smtp traffic
>to non-SBC servers to combat span, kudos SBC. There is
>an abuse form to request SBC to allow you to use your
>own server. I think they have holes for Yahoo and AOL
>without doing anything. I filled out the form, but I
>did not know my user account because I do not use the
>SBC e-mail account. I used my home e-mail instead at
>hinchley.org. They sent me a rejection notice saying I
>needed a valid ID, I thought my phone number would be
>enough. After this however, hinchley.org cannot send
>any e-mail to SBC customers. A little long on the tooth
>I think. 

You should monitor your SBC e-mail account, since that's how SBC is
likely to communicate to you if there are changes in your service,
etc.  You can have multiple e-mail accounts, you know.  Just run a
fetchmail process that grabs your SBC email and forwards it to you.

I would tend to expect that if you were to find out what your SBC
email account is, and use that for the application, it would probably


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