[svlug] detial on SBC

ron@biovalid.com ron at biovalid.com
Tue Mar 8 12:56:17 PST 2005

Let me detail how my mail to SBC customers became
blocked. SBC has started blocking port 25 smtp traffic
to non-SBC servers to combat span, kudos SBC. There is
an abuse form to request SBC to allow you to use your
own server. I think they have holes for Yahoo and AOL
without doing anything. I filled out the form, but I
did not know my user account because I do not use the
SBC e-mail account. I used my home e-mail instead at
hinchley.org. They sent me a rejection notice saying I
needed a valid ID, I thought my phone number would be
enough. After this however, hinchley.org cannot send
any e-mail to SBC customers. A little long on the tooth
I think. 

Now an organization of this size actually has the
resource to implement this in appropriate phases. They
could block port 25 on everyone who does not use
outside servers. Then they could review traffic to see
who uses the port normally. Finally give notice to the
remaining accounts. Of course I would have missed the
notice because I really do not need another pop in my
life, I’m awash in spam as it is. I do not think they
told anyone. Does any one know if they gave notice? 

So now my server is no longer effective and its value
is diminished considerably. Woe is I. I have to move to
another provider at much more expense.


Please use: port 25 dropdown.

We can only opt out with a valid - active - SBC
Internet Services -
Email Address

username at sbcglobal.net
username at swbell.net
username at pacbell.net
username at nvbell.net
username at ameritech.net
username at snet.net
username at prodigy.net
username at wans.net
username at flash.net

If you never had a user name associated to your DSL
account, you must
contact tech support to have one created. (
1-877-722-3755 )

Please disregard this email if you have already
verified your SBC
userID and  the opt-out request was processed. You
would have received
confirmation that your request was granted. Email
confirmation is sent
to the SBC userID that was opted-out of the Port 25

Thank you,
The SBC Internet Abuse Security Department

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