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Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Tue Mar 8 09:41:18 PST 2005

on Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 09:36:06PM -0800, Tony Cappellini (tony at tcapp.com) wrote:
> I've forgotten to mention, that when I installed XP, I left approx
> 12GB for Linux.  However, after reading so many conflicting web pages
> as to how to do a dual boot, I got chicken.
> I had no problems making a dual-boot with Win2k & Red Hat, a few years
> back, but something I read recently on the SUSE site about XP & Linux
> made me think I may not want to try this alone :-)

Dual boot can work, and often does.  The real problem is the limited
tools, documentation, and capabilities for legacy MS Windows to recover
from partition shuffles.  You'll run into the same problems attempting
multi-boot installs using only MSFT OSs as with mixing GNU/Linux and
legacy MS Windows....with the exception that in the latter case, you'll
find you can convince your GNU/Linux installs to boot far more readily
than you can legacy MS Windows.


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