[svlug] open source mimicking existing software?

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Mar 8 01:21:29 PST 2005

Greg Olszewski writes:
>Drew Bertola wrote:
>> I still compatability test all my pages in 2.02, don't you?  ;^b
>I find that I don't have a choice. The current users of old Netscape
>browsers are a notoriously cranky bunch. Their view of the internet was
>set in stone a decade ago, and they are easily perturbed into a state 
>that 'unhappy' doesn't even begin to describe. I've been threatened with 
>a 12 gauge shotgun (on more than one occassion), over what essentially 
>boiled down to different views of entity encoding.

Test on Netscape 4, sure.  But anything earlier than that is stone age.


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