[svlug] i need help!!! remotely upgrading redhat/fedora!

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 7 13:09:04 PST 2005


i apologize for giving you all of this info!

i've been going through a version of upgrade hell!!!

i did a yum upgrade.. (used some of what was in the site you provided and
others..) and realized that i had a partial fedora setup...

i wound up having to clean 'yum clean' the system and a lot of other

i got yum to run again.. 'yum upgrade' and it went through the process of
getting the required FC2 files.. but midway through, the system ran out of
disk space..

i went through the 'yum clean' and tried to move things around on my

i tried to do an upgrade of FC2 over the inital FC2.. and yum
died/crashed/screamed.. it was ugly!!!

anyway.. i finally decided to delete yum 'rpm -e', cleared out everything i
could find that i thought dealt with yum, and reinstalled the FC2 yum...

i'm not sure i have enough space...

the issue i'm having right now is that yum seems to think that FC2 is
already installed.. so it checks for files.. and then says it can't find new
upgrade files for FC2.. and it quits....

so. .. if i'm going to use yum, to do an FC2/FC3 upgrade, i need to be able
to resolve this... i also tried to go to FC3, but it died as well.. i have
too many underlying conflicts on the system to get to FC3...

and i need to be able to get this process to work without going to the
system with the ISO CDs...



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Here's some steps:

Optionally, start with a 'yum clean all' first just to be sure there's
no cruft, and plenty of room.

Then you should download and apply at least the rpm rpm, yum rpm and
fedora-release rpm by hand.  Download them from the branch of the
release you are upgrading to.

Then do `yum upgrade` (not `yum update`!)

This page has very useful info on upgrading from RH 7.2 through to FC3:



bruce wrote:
> hi...
> i'm trying to figure out how to remotely upgrade fedora on a remote
> server... is there anyone that i can talk with who might be abel to walk
> through how to accomplish this...
> i've tried using yu/apt-get and have problems.. looks like the rpm db has
> problems...
> i understnad that there should be a way to use vnc and kickstart, although
> i'm not knowledgable enough to get the subtleties as to how this method
> would work...
> thanks for any help/pointers/assistance....
> -bruce
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