[svlug] i need help!!! remotely upgrading redhat/fedora!

Drew Bertola drew at drewb.com
Mon Mar 7 12:44:32 PST 2005

Here's some steps:

Optionally, start with a 'yum clean all' first just to be sure there's 
no cruft, and plenty of room.

Then you should download and apply at least the rpm rpm, yum rpm and 
fedora-release rpm by hand.  Download them from the branch of the 
release you are upgrading to.

Then do `yum upgrade` (not `yum update`!)

This page has very useful info on upgrading from RH 7.2 through to FC3:



bruce wrote:
> hi...
> i'm trying to figure out how to remotely upgrade fedora on a remote
> server... is there anyone that i can talk with who might be abel to walk me
> through how to accomplish this...
> i've tried using yu/apt-get and have problems.. looks like the rpm db has
> problems...
> i understnad that there should be a way to use vnc and kickstart, although
> i'm not knowledgable enough to get the subtleties as to how this method
> would work...
> thanks for any help/pointers/assistance....
> -bruce
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