[svlug] Meeting locations for SVLUG [was: Re: Webmaster's Guild / Associations etc. in the Bay Area]

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Thu Mar 3 11:30:19 PST 2005

Ian Kluft writes:
>On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 07:04:29PM -0800, William R Ward wrote:
>> Akbar S. Ahmed writes:
>> >My friend just asked me if there are any good associations/"user groups" 
>> >for webmasters in the Bay Area. I don't know of any, but if one exists 
>> >I'm sure the people on this list would know about it.
>> >
>> >So, are there any good groups and/or associations for webmasters?
>> How about the Silicon Valley WebGuild?  http://www.webguild.org They
>> have a very professionally-run meeting with great speakers.  They meet
>> at Cyclades, just a few blocks from where SVLUG meets.  I'm a member
>> but haven't gone to very many meetings.  They do charge money, but
>> it's not outrageously expensive.
>(Their web site says it's Cypress Semiconductor.)

Sorry - I mistyped.  I meant to say Cypress.

>OK, the usual question everyone in SVLUG should be asking right now...
>Do we know anyone there at Cypress?  Would Cypress benefit from having
>SVLUG meet there?  (i.e. having lots of Linux geeks/pros visit their site
>every month.)  Is it a site that can handle an SVLUG-sized meeting?

I'm fairly sure they have to pay $$$ for the space.  I assume this
based on the fact that they charge people to attend the meetings.  But
I could be wrong...  I'll send an email to the officers of WebGuild
and ask.


PS: Has anyone else noticed that since the latest Mailman upgrade, the
list was automatically supressing messages to recipeints who were also
CC'd?  This annoys me because I have my list mail going into a special
folder, and so mailing list mail that CC'd me was sent to my regular
inbox.  Luckily there's a setting to change this, which I have now
reset.  If anyone else is having this problem, contact me privately
and I can help you fix it.

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