[svlug] meeting site search (was: Webmaster's Guild ...)

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Thu Mar 3 16:16:14 PST 2005

On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 06:33:07PM -0800, Drew Bertola wrote:
> Ian Kluft wrote:
> >Anyway, remember that tonight's meeting is the last meeting at Cisco.
> >We still need a new site for April and beyond.
> Google would seem like a likely candidate.  Marc?  Chris?

Good thinking.  We've talked with them and continue to do so.  Google
doesn't have anything for at least a few months until a new building
opens which can securely separate the meeting space from work areas.
That's very understandable.  It has to be something that works for the
host organization too.

We're also talking with HP and IBM.  Until something is locked in, we need
to keep searching everywhere.  The next SVLUG meeting is April 6 and we do
not have a location.  So we don't have time to search for sites one at a
time.  Everyone needs to help do this in parallel.

The most-commonly-suggested-place-that-we've-already-checked is the
Computer History Museum in Mountain View.  No go.  They want $5000
per event.

Suggestions should be sent to officers at svlug.org.  Paul Reed is coordinting
this, of course, since he's SVLUG President.  But many of us are trying to
help because everyone is needed right now.

We need to focus on a place which can benefit from having SVLUG present.
That will make the arrangement stable for years to some.  For example,
Cisco benefitted for many reasons, highest of which was recruiting.  Even
when the corporate recruiters couldn't make it, many engineers and sysadmins
would still be there and could meet talented people from all over the valley
and refer them for positions in their departments or anywhere they were
aware of a good match.

With Cisco no longer hosting external meetings in its conference center,
this benefit is up for grabs for any company who would like it.  SVLUG
can proudly claim we have a perfect record with no incidents of any kind
in 7 years that we met at Cisco, ever since March 1998 when Linus Torvalds
spoke at SVLUG's 10th anniversary meeting.

Some of us are SVLUG members and Cisco employees, currently including
Tracy Vierra, Chris Verges, Dave Masten and me.  (Ben Woodard and Rob Walker
also used to help with this when they worked for Cisco.  Ben originally
reserved the facility.)  One of the things that we would do was keep in
touch with SVLUG's officers and Cisco's conference center staff and security
staff, to make sure each were happy with the other, and that any potential
issues were resolved.  It will work best for SVLUG if we can form a similar
relationship with the people at the new site, wherever that will be.

Places to look for would include a cafeteria, auditorium, or conference
center with capacity for meetings that are typically 100-150 attendance,
with spikes up to 300.  That can be accomodated well with seating for
150-200 and room for 100+ in SRO conditions.

Silicon Valley has a long history of this kind of thing happenning.  I was
told that the original Homebrew Computer Club once had the same problem in
the 1970's after meeting for a long time at Varian, and suddenly the site
was no longer available.  They found other companies willing to open their
doors to them.  SVLUG will too.  But we have to look around.

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